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The National Association for
the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT)

Established in 1952, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) is a business trade association created to foster, commerce and interest in the specialty food industry. The NASFT, based in New York City, has grown to more than 2,200 members worldwide, and is composed of specialty food manufacturers, importers, distributors, brokers, and retailers of specialty foods, quality perishables, fine confections, cooking accessories, and related publications.

A primary component of the NASFT’s activities are the International Fancy Food & Confection Shows®. Created in 1955, the Fancy Food Show has been a premier marketplace for new products and cutting-edge trends from around the world. There are three show annually: the Winter Show in San Francisco in January; the Spring Show in Chicago in March and the Summer Show in New York City in July. This year’s Shows will host more than 2,000 specialty food companies from 45 countries, featuring more than 60,000 specialty foods to see and sample. With categories ranging from savories to sweets, beverages to condiments, cheeses to pastas, it is a virtual one-stop-shop for the 45,000 qualified retail and foodservice buyers searching for the latest and best in new and established products. Special programs, such as the Focused Exhibits, which showcases 2,000 products in 5 popular categories, and the Focused Tastings, an area to comparatively taste 300 products in three hot categories, give attendees easy ways to find products that they can use for their businesses.

Beyond the exhilaration of the exhibition floor, there is the comprehensive NASFT educational program, comprised of seminars, workshops and special events that focus on cutting-edge industry trends. The Winter Show 2000 will premier the new Supplier Education Day Program. This program will run the Friday before each Fancy Food Show at the Convention Center creating an easy opportunity for exhibitors and others to participate in Educational Programs before the excitement of the Show begins.

The NASFT also provides its members with valuable resources, including the comprehensive demographic report on America’s gourmet food consumers titled Today’s Specialty Food Consumer containing vital statistics on age, income, household status, education, and geography and is vital to the specialty food industry in targeting specific consumer segments. In addition, the NASFT publishes the NASFT Specialty Foods Catalog, a catalog filled with NASFT members who are eager to sell their products via mail-order directly to consumers. Additionally, the Specialty Foods Catalog Online (www.specialty-food.com), which is a website of the catalog participants, as well as other NASFT members who want to sell their products to the large majority of shoppers looking for gourmet foods on the internet.

For further information on the NASFT and its activities please visit the website www.fancyfoodshows.com, or contact them directly in New York at 212-482-6440.

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